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The Therapy Practice Accelerator Price Is Pretty High

I am all about entrepreneurs doing what it takes in order to successfully grow their businesses. With that said, there are sometimes occasions when I feel like they are about to cross an invisible line and may need to be reigned in. My best friend has decided to open her own practice and is all about doing well, but I am not sure that she should act like the Therapy Practice Accelerator price is not a huge deal.

If she was a multi-millionaire who had money to burn then I probably would not think too much about it, but she is a regular person who is already in a position where she is not doing so well. She is having business difficulties where she currently works and has decided to do things on her own this time instead of rushing into a position where she will need to work with others.

I applaud her ingenuity, but at the same time I am trying to make her take a second look at the Therapy Practice Accelerator price and explain to me why it is okay to spend that much money in order to get some marketing help. I will admit, I do not know anything about that industry and this may be the going rate, but it seems on the high end of things to me. If people are struggling with their practices, how in the world are they supposed to be okay with making a big investment like this?

Now that I think about it, I am going to talk to her again. Maybe she knows something i do not know and can tell me why this cost is justifiable. Then again, she is an adult and I am not sure that I should really be butting in and telling her how to spend her own money.

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