Commercial Energy Audits Can Help to Reduce Operational Expenses

When you are running a business or any commercial enterprise, you will often find it difficult to cope with the constant need to pay energy bills in order to sustain your operations. These expenses can be quite substantial, especially if you are using a lot of machines, have air conditioning, ventilation, and heating installed and require to depend on other sources of energy.

It is essential for any commercial enterprise to keep operating expenses to a minimum. Proper commercial energy audits can help to reduce these expenses by as much as thirty to forty percent. These audits can go a long way in finding ways to save energy and hence costs. Audits are plans that are carefully thought out and must start with a review of the existing conditions, in terms of usage and equipment. In this inspection, all lighting, HVAC equipment, lifts and other equipment that needs energy must be listed with capacities, hours of operation, specifications, ratings and all other relevant information. A good auditor will also examine the environment and other factors that can affect energy use.

The objective of commercial energy audits is to reduce your carbon footprint and make your enterprise environmentally friendly. Lighting can be changed to use bulbs that consume lower power while continuing to provide the same level of illumination. Energy audits may also look at the possibility of increasing natural lighting through better and cleaner windows, and even light pipes. Some suggestions by the auditors may call for additional capital expenditure, but this must be balanced with the savings in the years to come.Commercial Energy Audits

Energy audits of HVAC systems need to pay attention to the efficiency of the installed equipment and its ability to provide the required temperatures consistently. It can also help to make an effort to decide on the right temperatures essential for comfortable working. Insulation and loss of heat through openings and other leakages must also be examined in the audits. Roofs and wall insulation must be looked at for their R-values and changes suggested for saving energy.

The usage of lifts and other equipment that consume power must be examined in detail in the audits to see whether the installed equipment is giving the desired efficiency. Comparative costs for replacing inefficient and obsolete equipment with those that can save energy must be part of the audit.

No energy audit for a commercial enterprise can be complete unless a study is also made of the savings that can be made by going in for energy conservation.

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