Drywall Pros Remove Popcorn Ceilings Or Cover Them Up All The Time

What, popcorn ceilings aren’t stylish anymore? But I’m looking at one right now. In all seriousness, they were quite popular decades ago, before my time. They went out of style in the late 70’s. These ceilings were in residential and commercial buildings. You will still see them in some older homes, and you will definitely see them in commercial buildings that have withstood the test of time.

The building where I live was remodeled in 2006, yet the units still have popcorn ceilings. It’s a hotel-condo project on the ocean. That may have something to do with it, but it appears they primarily prioritized the remodel and left the popcorn ceilings in place. You want to get rid of yours, and you might want to have the drywall pros remove popcorn ceilings on your property. Why is that?

Well, it can require a lot of work. There are tip sites that can help you do the job yourself, but ultimately, you’re likely going to want to have the drywall pros remove popcorn ceilings for you as mentioned. Areas might have to be subject to a scrape test, and you might even want to test for asbestos. You’re certainly not going to want to do that.

You also have to make sure that each room is prepped for a gigantic mess. Hey, popcorn is messy. Looks like I’m full of ‘corny’ jokes today, but the fact of the matter is that removing popcorn ceilings is a job for the professionals. If you did do it yourself in terms of the removal, using a lot of plastic to create barriers is certainly a big help and well, necessary.

You would also have to remove ceiling fixtures, and it’s actually best if you decided to remove the furniture while the work is being done. There’s a whole lot more specifics to go into, and the fact is how it is removed or covered up is really dependent on the situation. The pros are going to know what to do.

Perhaps you have already test scraped, and you have realized that you need the drywall pros. It’s time to find out which company in your area can do the job. They will set you up and get you going in the right direction for sure. You will get an affordable quote for removing or covering up those popcorn ceilings, and you can join the 21st century!

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