How To Send Online Invoices Like A Pro with Invoicing Software

Invoicing software as a service is a convenient way to request payments from your clients. Sending your invoices online will help you save time, make managing your payments easier and is more affordable than printing and mailing invoices. Here are a few practices you should follow when creating and sending invoices.

Use Professional Software

There is no need to purchase expensive software to create your invoices. You can find a number of free tools you can use to easily create your invoices. You should look into using the invoicing feature of the accounting tool or payment service you already use to make managing your invoices easier.

List The Products Or Services

Clients need to know what they are paying for. Your invoices should include a list of the products purchased or a list of the services performed along with the price of each item. List the total amount due at the bottom of the invoice. If you are collecting money for taxes, don’t forget to list this item on the invoice.

Don’t Forget The Due Date

Make sure the due date of the invoice is easy to find. Some invoicing tools allow you to automatically send reminders to your customers when an invoice hasn’t been paid and the due date is approaching. If you offer payment plans, create invoices that show the client’s current balance and the date of the next payment.

Add Your Business Logo And Contact Information

You can make your invoices look more professional by adding a business logo, the full name of your business and your contact information. If you offer services as a freelancer, make sure the invoice includes your full name and contact information.

Proofread Your Online Invoices

Take the time to double-check your invoices before sending them. Look for typos in the description of the services performed or products purchased. Make sure the prices are correct and check a client’s account to avoid invoicing errors.

Sending invoices over the Internet is a quick and easy way to remind your clients that they still have a bill to pay. Make your invoices look professional by following the tips listed above and by looking for a convenient tool you can use to create, manage and send your invoices. If you use PayPal or a similar service to receive payments, try creating invoices with this platform or explore your accounting or account management tool to see if you can create invoices.

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